Connecticut Is Worth Fighting For

The Democrats Destroyed Connecticut

For over 40 years, Connecticut has been controlled by a Democrat legislature that spends recklessly and makes empty promises to State employees.

Putting left-wing ideology ahead of your best interests and pursuing the same failed policies over and over have been the hallmarks of Connecticut’s government.

The results for West Haven have been higher taxes, fewer jobs, slower economic growth, higher crime, burdensome city debt levels, and fewer opportunities for advancement.

Send me to Hartford and I will work to change that.

A Path to Victory

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room (yes, the red one with the “GOP” on it).  You are probably asking yourself “Why should I help you?  What is your path to victory?”

I am now qualified for a grant of over $28,000 for my campaign if I win the Republican primary.  My opponent was unable to meet the fundraising requirements for this grant, and, at this time, will not be allowed to apply for the grant.

This $28,000 grant puts me on an economic level playing field with the incumbent Democrat.  Plus, we have had the benefit of the primary to build out our campaign infrastructure early.

1. Register Voters

The first thing I do is start aggressively registering voters in my district.  In this city of 43,000 adults eligible to vote there are over 16,000 of them that are unregistered.  Why are they unregistered?  The Democrats do an exceptional job with their voter registration drives – how could they have missed all these people?  These 16,000 people are not Democrat voters.  They are neglected, disenfranchised potential Republican voters that have been ignored for decades.

2. Find Closet Republican Voters

The second thing I do is identify the unaffiliated voters and registered Democrats who would be likely to vote for a Republican if they had the choice.  I will reach out to those people and explain how they now have a clear choice between my Democrat opponent and me.  I will maintain regular contact with them as I build my list of supporters.

3. Get Out the Vote

The third thing I do is implement an effective “Get Out The Vote” operation.  The Democrats are experts at this.  But they have maxed out the number of people they can bring.  It is our job to bring more, through a well-organized program that New Haven has not seen for decades.

Stronger Working Together

Lastly, I will work closely in joint cooperation with my fellow candidate in the State Senate race wherever practical and leverage our strengths together.  Together we will register voters and bring out voters that will support Republican values.

Impacting the Entire State

My campaign activity will have an impact on all of Connecticut.  Although I would represent my constituents in West Haven, my vote in the General Assembly would affect the entire state.  But none of this happens if I don’t win the Republican primary so I can get the $28,000 grant.  And that is why I need your help now, because Connecticut is worth fighting for.  Please vote for me on August 14.

Help Roman Build The Party

Roman needs to raise $5,100 to get a $28,000 grant.

He will use this to register Republicans and beat his Democrat opponent.  Please help today!

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